Age Management Medicine Specialist

California Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute

Age Management Specialist located in San Francisco, CA

Dr. Rachel Meek is an Age Management Specialist and the director of the California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute. At the Medical Institute, Dr. Meek and the rest of the staff specialize in age management plans that help to slow down the aging process.

Age Management Medicine Q & A

What Types of Things Speed up the Aging Process?

Nothing can stop our bodies from aging, but several things can speed up the process. Hormone imbalance, poor diet, lack of exercise, depression, exposure to environmental toxins, and high levels of stress can have a devastating impact on the body. Many health problems are the result of unhealthy living conditions and poor lifestyle choices. In most cases, it is things a patient does on a regular basis that have the most impact on how they age. Smoking and how they deal with the stress they face every day are just two of the main factors when it comes to controlling the aging process. Anti-aging medicine combines three approaches to improved health and wellbeing to slow or stop the aging process, including:

  • Optimizing quality of life and healthspan
  • Avoiding disease and illness
  • Using integrative approaches to treating chronic illness

What Kinds of Things Slow Down the Aging Process?

Just as there are things that speed up the aging process, there are also things that help to slow it down. Proper hormone function and an efficient metabolism are a must if the aging process is to be kept under control A healthy diet, regular exercise, and sufficient amounts of sleep are also essential when it comes to managing how a person ages.

Do Hormones Play a Role in Age Management Therapies?

Hormones are vital to all aspects of our health. Without them, the body's metabolism could not be regulated. Blood sugar levels would be out of control and a person's energy levels would be up and down. Managing the body's hormone levels are the key to making sure all of the body's primary functions stay on track and that all of the body's systems are working as they should. There are many processes within the body that we take for granted that are triggered by hormones. Without them, the body would not function at all.