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The California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute serves the residents of San Francisco, CA, and nearby communities. Dr. Meek is an Age Management Specialist who works extensively with different types of hormone replacement therapies and other anti-aging programs to help her patients live longer and more rewarding lives.

Menopause Treatment Q & A

When Does Menopause Start?

Menopause can start as early as the late 20's and extend far into the 50's. A woman's lifestyle, overall health, diet, and level of physical activity can have an impact on her hormone levels and when menopause begins. A woman who is extremely active and eats a diet full of essential vitamins and minerals may not begin to enter menopause until they reach their late 40's. Once menopause begins, it can affect every aspect of one’s life. HRT programs can offer the hormonal support needed to restore vitality and help restore balance in the body.

How Long Does Menopause Last?

A woman's physical makeup and overall health will help to determine how long menopause lasts. It can last from one to ten years, depending on the production of estrogen and how long it takes for the hormones to decrease. Women who begin an effective hormone replacement therapy program that regulates the levels of hormones may only experience minor symptoms for a short period. Women who are forced into menopause due to a hysterectomy or other procedure that affects the reproductive system may experience symptoms that are very severe and uncomfortable. HRT is beneficial because it provides the hormones the body needs to re-establish a healthy balance.

Do Hormone Replacement Therapies Work?

Hormone replacement therapy is effective in both women and men when it comes to controlling the symptoms of menopause and andropause. By gradually replacing the hormones the body is no longer producing, bodily functions begin to return slowly to normal. Women who have had a hysterectomy or the removal of one or both ovaries may need a hormone replacement therapy to restore the hormones that have been lost. Effective hormone replacement therapies work to make women feel like their healthy selves; they improve mood and sleep, may increase the desire to be active and help bring sexual function back to normal.