Somatopause/Growth Hormone Deficiency Specialist

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Age Management Specialist located in San Francisco, CA

Dr. Meek and the California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute serve the residents of San Francisco, CA. She specializes in Age Management programs and the use of hormone replacement therapies to treat a variety of conditions and illnesses that affect how the body ages. She offers treatment plans to both men and women.

Somatopause/Growth Hormone Deficiency Q & A

What Happens When the Body Doesn't Have Enough Growth Hormone?

During early development, if a child does not get enough somatotropin, or human growth hormone, their body will not have what it needs to promote physical growth. This can result in the child being shorter and not as well developed physically as other children their age. In adults, human growth hormone decreases as they grow older. Less growth hormone means an increase in the aging process.

What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Human growth hormone therapy is a hormone replacement program that is designed to help people with adult onset growth hormone deficiency maintain optimum body health. Human growth hormone therapy uses whichever form of growth hormone or its precursors that are indicated. We use the recombinant DNA form of human growth hormone or the precursor “peptides”.  Human growth hormone is involved in muscle growth, mental function, sexual function, and other health benefits. Production of HGH decreases as we age, with effects typically becoming noticeable around the age of 30 in both men and women. This decrease can cause weight gain, a reduction in muscle mass, hair loss, and other unwanted symptoms. For proper mental function and to enjoy a healthy sex life, we need growth hormone replacement. By replacing diminished HGH in patients with growth hormone deficiency, patients enjoy rejuvenated skin tone, improved bone density, muscle strength and mental function, and an overall feeling of wellness.

How is the Human Growth Hormone Replaced?

Dr. Meek will perform a thorough examination and extensive testing to determine if human growth hormone treatment is the best method to address your health and concerns about aging. If human growth hormone treatment will help you, she will determine the correct dosage of hormones. In most cases, the hormones are administered through a daily injection.